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8 thoughts on “ Lockjaw

  1. Uncontrollable spasms of the jaw, called lockjaw, and neck muscles Painful, involuntary contraction of other muscles In some cases, symptoms will develop in the absence of any cut or wound that.
  2. lockjaw A lay term for uncontrollable contraction (spasm) of the powerful chewing muscles that occurs in established TETANUS. The spasm clamps the teeth together so that they can barely be separated. The medical term is trismus.
  3. Lockjaw definition is - an early symptom of tetanus characterized by spasm of the jaw muscles and inability to open the jaws; also: tetanus.
  4. This track is about, quite simply, Kodak and French Montana’s fast money and heavy drug use. They use so much MDMA that it can make their jaws keep lockin'. The video premiered on VEVO on June 9.
  5. Lock-Jaw is a heavyweight robot built by Mutant Robots which competed in every season of the BattleBots reboot. Its main weapons were a degree grabbing jaw and two flamethrowers which were mounted to aim downwards. The main strategy of Lock-Jaw's weapon was to grab onto something, then rotate the entire chassis so the flamethrowers would fire downwards onto the opponent. The jaws.
  6. Lockjaw Ever since he was a puppy, Lockjaw has been a faithful, fuzzy companion to the Inhuman royal family. Since being exposed to Terrigen mists, he gained the ability to teleport across time and space.
  7. Tetanus is a serious bacterial infection that affects the nervous system and causes muscles throughout the body to tighten. It’s also called lockjaw because the infection often causes muscle.
  8. Universal T-post electric fence insulator. Proudly Made in the USA in New Albany IN. From straight runs, curves, and even corners, the T all you need.

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